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Machine of Death Cards & Timer
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The Machine of Death Card Game has been described as such.

"A game in which it's possible to drop a car of rabid sharks onto the President."

In the world of the game, there exists a machine (the titular Machine of Death) that can issue people little cards: death predictions. Nobody knows just how it works, but it’s always, always right.

The book was about exploring the existential ramifications of the existence of the machine in worlds otherwise much like our own. It’s a thoughtful, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, meditation on fate.

The GAME is about flinging SHARKS from CATAPULTS in order to kill imaginary people. It’s basically a game of Mousetrap or a Road Runner cartoon, except that it’s TOTALLY WITHIN THE RULES to create a QUICKSAND GENERATOR in a TREEHOUSE in order to DROWN A CHILD.

This Android App allows you play it on the go. All 300 base cards are in this set (more on it's way) and a timer is included (with the 16 tracks that come with the game).

Please note that this is not being done by the creator of the game and the book, but he has given me permission to pursue this project with his blessing.

Content rating: Everyone
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