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Realmons Pro
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File Size:2.76mb
Features of Pro version *** ***
- Faster updates
- Pro Rank chatting
- They support the development of Realmons

Get real time the Realmons for Android Smartphones
You can talk to your R-Mon and it will answer you.
You can give your R-Mon give a name, feed it and make it stronger.
If you're good care of your Realmon will increase its level and eventually it evolves.
When you open the game, activate the key lock and carry your smartphone with you, you will get for each step Ron (Virtual money that you spend for your R-Mons can) and experience points.
Besides, you can you create your own profile page and make it as you like.

And if you have time to do anything, you can talk in chat with many other players.

- Talk to the Realmon and it responds
- Streichelfunktion
- Inventory
- Chat
- Store
- Achievements
- Lotto Minigame
- Custom Profile
- Levels
- Hunger & Age
- It can feed the Realmons
- You can choose between 3 eggs hatch later
- Egg hatches at level 5
- Supported languages: German & English
- My Page (One can create their own profile page)

*** Any update with many new features to bring! ***

Planned features:
- Unique single player mode
- Improvement of the communication system
- Full Screen for larger displays
- More levels
- Other Items
- Battelsystem
- Skills
- Statistics
- Multiplayer (local and Internet)
- Many Mini Games

First The Realmon-egg hatches at level 5
Second EP you get when hunger is kept above 75%, if you stroke the Realmon or while shaking his smartphone

To start saving and an Internet connection is required!

Important *****! *****
This app is still in its early stages of development and has therefore only the basic functions.
The features and graphics of the game can be improved with future updates and expands.
Before you fire a bad review, please wait for updates.
Thank you!
Important *****! *****

If their suggestions, questions or concerns you have, can you tell me this via email, Facebook or Twitter:
(I am happy about every Liken or parts of the page)

TAGS: Realmons Monster Pocket Pet Tamagotchi virtual pet Digimon Pokemon creatures Android Demo Alpha Beta exkcir apps mons real world game fantasy game world

Recent changes:
- Layout improvements
- Pro Rank chatting
- Removal of the lottery, maybe later reinstalled
- Bugfixes

Content rating: Medium Maturity
Whats New?
What's in this version:

- Layout improvements
- Pro Rank chatting
- Removal of the lottery, maybe later reinstalled
- Bugfixes
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