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BINGO DADDY is what you get when you cross slots, bingo and Jackpot Party! It is just as fun as Slingo. With each BINGO you get to go play JACKPOT PARTY, pick gifts to find BONUS points until you get an empty gift.There are a lot of Bingo games on the market, we will keep trying to make Bingo Daddy something you just cant put down.

As player you have 16 turns to "spin" the numbers below your BINGO card. Five numbers appear, and if they are found on the card, touch them to mark them off.

During the game, other special items may show up in the number spots below the card. Pimp Daddy is wild, and can be used to mark off any number in the column in which it appears.COP'S are BAD and will take away your hard earned points, COINS are fun to look at and the bring you 100 points and 1 free spin.

Big Daddy Apps does not work for Slingo and this is not a Slingo game.

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