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Rating:4.54 stars from 81 ratings
File Size:3.62mb
Spear marksman came to a magical world that is full of surprises, needs shooter ran various planets to explore, and sometimes encounter aliens.
Spear shooter went, everything will be hit, but the short range pistol point, so now a great need for you to help sharpshooter, sharpshooters shot down all the targets to help it!
Sharpshooter as possible to help collect more items, get a higher score it!
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Content rating: Everyone
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yan - Really Fun!
I'll lose days of my life to this.....
February 4th, 2012
boone - Force close

February 4th, 2012
joe - Points

January 27th, 2012
liang - nice game!!
January 27th, 2012
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