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Solitaire is an extremely popular game in the world.You can see someone play the game Solitaire nearby all the time. Gameplay of Solitaire ise players will not miss.
Solitaire a Solitaire game sweeping the world, the rules of the game there is no difference with the traditional rules of the game of Spider Solitaire, it is very easy to use. You can afford to at any time the game is a pretty good casual games, I believe that like Spider Solitaire players will not miss.

Solitaire is one kind of many card games.Game Area consists of 4 recycle units,4 available units and a deck of cards.When the game begins,cards are dealt face up and Lined up in eight columns. Recycle units are located in the top right of your screen of the position putting the cards.You can remove aces to recycle unit immediately,then remove other same color cards by up to a big platoon to Aces.remove all the cards to recycle units successfully for the victory.
If you need to remove the card,please click it then click the location you want to remove to.The rules of removing the cards as follows:
You can play any face up card that is one rank lower than the card on the foundation pile and alternate the color of red and black cards.
When remove the cards to recycle units,you need to remove it rank from A to K with the same suit.
The bottom card of each column can removed to the available unit, another bottom of the column or recovery unit.
The cards in available units can removed to the bottom of the column or recycle units.
Make more plan of removing in advance.Like play chess, Every move will influence the game.So you do not need to just remove one card everytime.You can remove a long column to another column.
Try to open the card in the top column. Please remove the column preferentially that Ace or 2 are buried by other cards in the column, and remove ace to recycle unit ASAP.

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