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Attack Breaker Pro
Rating:3.93 stars from 1555 ratings
File Size:477.06kb
Control the balls by adding paddle spin.

Race for the best time through HUNDREDS of levels! Shoot up to 100 balls at once! Break those bricks and get the fastest time for the highest score.

Now you can get upgrades for multi-ball, skipping levels, paddle and size by installing free apps from tapjoy.

COMPLETE full version with NO ADS, 100 multiball and 100 skips is now available, so if you like this game, check out "ABP: Complete"

Recent changes:
Now with Heyzap!

Content rating: Low Maturity
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Now with Heyzap!
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Leo - Horrible UI
Adds everywhere
January 7th, 2012
Palo - Extremely addictive!
Rename this game to 'Crack' Breaker is extremely addictive. Does have some quirkiness and it's glitches, but the good outweigh the bad. (I sound like a true addict)
January 6th, 2012
christopher - Fun game but the "u have 150 messages" popup can get annoying. Please remove them. PLEEEASE......

December 13th, 2011
Ravi - Omg,
the lag... What is with the lag?! After the update it lags so much :@ WAS a 5* app before the update. Oh, n doesn't even open now.
December 11th, 2011
Chandler - Fix the adds
Very addicting... But way to many adds!
December 6th, 2011
Pete - Ads ruined a great game
Used to be a fun simple game. Now infested with unskippable video ads that take forever to load. Shame. Uninstalling.
December 2nd, 2011
Shishir - Full of rubbish ads

December 2nd, 2011
brad - Hello
I like this reminds me of the breakaway game on Atari2600. Thanks Adam!
December 1st, 2011
Brittany - Suckish....
I don't really like this game.... You're ball goes wherever it wants to go instead of where the angle of your hit tells it to go.
November 27th, 2011
Danielle - Ads constantly freeze
I haven't been able to play for two weeks because the ads keep freezing the game. Not worth the download
November 26th, 2011
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