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NES-FC Lite (NES Emulator)
By Cya Emu
Rating:4.29 stars from 7 ratings
File Size:571.30kb
NES-FC is the high quality and fast NES&FC emulator.
Play almost all your NES/FC games.

This is the NES-FC Lite version with some features disabled. If you feel good, please buy the Full version to enjoy all the features!

+ Hardware keyboard support
+ On-screen virtual gamepad with optional viberation feedback
+ Support trackball
+ Ten manual slots for save states with previews
+ Game Genie support(Full version)!
+ FDS support(Full version)!
+ Multi-touch for 2.1+
+ Zapper/Light gun support, touch screen to fire, need to disable virtual gamepad!
+ Fast Forward
+ Screenshots
+ Wiimote support
+ Nes, fds, zip files support
+ Turbo buttons

No titles are included in this app.
***Copy or download games to your SD Card and browse them within the app (default directory is /mnt/sdcard) and select to play.

***To use fds, need to download BIOS file(The name is often ***.bin, e.g. [BIOS] Nintendo Famicom Disk System Japan).bin ) from Internet and transfer it to your SD card. Then select the file in the app. And then open fds rom to play. And use Eject/Insert option to change disk side.
Note:When you need to change the disk side, please eject the used one and insert another.

***To use Game Genie, need to download BIOS file(The name is often ***.nes, e.g. Game Genie (Unl).nes ) from Internet and transfer it to your SD card. Then select the file in the app and enable game genie. And then open rom file to play, you will see the game genie input screen.
Note: you need to get the game genie code before input.

Please report any crashes/problems via email (include your device name and android version). I cannot answer the comments and will update the app ASAP.

Recent changes:
First release

Content rating: Everyone
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First release
Screen Shots
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jerky - A nes emulator that I used to date.if they have an SNES and GBA emulator that's as good as this one I may consider buying the full versions of each.
January 15th, 2012
Jose Janier - Muy bueno
Trabaja muy bien
January 12th, 2012
Edward - This emulator works like awesome~
Controls are smooth, display is wonderful, and interface is quite simple. My only complaint is the window that appears every time you exit a game, nagging you to buy the full version. Otherwise, this emulator is definitely to be downloaded.
January 11th, 2012
Dorian - Nice
Works flawlessly for now. Samsung Gs2. Only tried SM bros. 3 though, nice first release.
January 10th, 2012
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