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Moe Moe Block2
Rating:3.59 stars from 315 ratings
File Size:9.59mb
"Moe Moe Block2" is a kind of "Breakout" game which is bouncing a ball and destroying clothes(like block) on girl.

A ball travels across the screen, bouncing off the top and side blocks. When a block is hit, the ball bounces away and the block is destroyed. The player loses a turn when the ball touches the bottom of the screen. To prevent this from happening, the player has a movable paddle to bounce the ball upward, keeping it in play.

You get some points by playing game, and you can play new stage by using the points.
If you want to play new stage as soon as possible, you should take advantage of shopping wisely!

There are some items which take advantage to the game:add extra ball, make the ball penetrate the block, make paddle larger, and make paddle smaller.

When you destroy all blocks, you see a clear graphic of girl behind the blocks.

This game has international and domestic ranking.
Can you put your name on the leaderboard also?

Recent changes:
A bug that the paddle does not move to right in the low-resolution devices was fixed.

Content rating: Medium Maturity
Whats New?
What's in this version:

A bug that the paddle does not move to right in the low-resolution devices was fixed.
Screen Shots
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Sophie - Crap!
Stupid game!
January 4th, 2012
stephanie - Amazing
January 2nd, 2012
None - Does not work
with my Galaxy Nexus it touch start it does nothing but go back to the main menu. Please fix.
January 1st, 2012
thumper - Like scrap "
December 28th, 2011
Aric - Force closes on entering gallery

December 22nd, 2011
Dylan - Mr.crisp
Girls should get totally naked
December 21st, 2011
Cameron. - M
December 19th, 2011
Toneman - Don't download.
Terrible game.
December 19th, 2011
Justin - Bad control

December 17th, 2011
John - Can't enter right 25% of screen. Ad isn't much of a bother, but your finger stays too close to it imo

December 16th, 2011
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