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Sword Hero
Rating:3.33 stars from 15 ratings
File Size:3.23mb
"Sword Hero" is an action game which a hero beat the monsters and complete the stages.

When you beat the monsters that you required to, you complete the mission of the stage and go to the next stage on the world map.

You use two ways of attacks in the battle.
One way is to tap on monster and to throw the dagger.
The other way is to use flick-input on display and to attack monsters by sword when lock-on mark is showing up on monster.
Using sword can attack bunch of monsters by sliding your finger from side to side on display.

You can make a higher rate of hit by using stronger weapon.
Dagger: higher level one makes higher rate of hit
Sword: higher level one makes higher rate of hit

This game has international and domestic ranking. Can you put your name on the leaderboard also?

Content rating: Everyone
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Alan - Its OK
but coins don't come much
November 25th, 2011
william - WTF? This game blows more than the wind.

September 15th, 2011
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