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Evil Kiss
Rating:4.00 stars from 4 ratings
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It's the night of joy,everyone is drinking drinking and drinking! They get drunk and then go back home. Boys want to take advantage of girls. Naughty David is very eager to kiss Linda,but that's a evil kiss without Linda's permission.So he has to do this sneakily. If Linda finds out what he's doing, that's gonna be the end of the world!
Jane is a big drunk and she likes to hang out with boys. She's enjoying the evil kiss with boys,even while driving! That's the evil kiss,it might also be a death!!! Kiss or Death? Let's wait and see.

Level 1 :
Naughty David is very eager to kiss Linda while she sleeps.
Make him to kiss Linda without waking her up.
Level 2 :
While driving, make Jane and Brad kiss each other without hitting other vehicles.
Level 3 :
Jane is standing with her boy friends. Make Jane kiss the guys.
Remember! Jane should kiss both the guys, without notice
of another one.

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