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Bamboo Ninja
Rating:3.64 stars from 66 ratings
File Size:2.06mb
Bamboo Ninja
You are the Ninja, Flying in the Bamboo forest to escape the chasing of your enemy.

You need control your ropes which help you to fly, touch on a bamboo to throw your rope there, touch once again to release it and use your acceleration to fly through the bamboo forest . Touch again once you come too near to the ground before your break into smithereens. You only have 60 seconds to escape the enemy, the clock can add your time.

- Different mode including time limited mode,distance limited mode, Free mode, rope count limited mode;
- Tight and fast paced game play;
- Realistic physic engine effects and the ropes;
- The clock can increase play time;
- Music and sound effects;

Speed up, your enemy is chasing !

1. touch on a bamboo to throw your rope there
2 .touch once again to release the rope

Content rating: Everyone
Screen Shots
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Steve - Terrible physics
Boring as well!
October 25th, 2011
Adam - Its allright

October 2nd, 2011
william - Wtf
Force Closes! Fix it man.
September 19th, 2011
Jack - best

August 27th, 2011
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