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Rating:4.25 stars from 55 ratings
File Size:3.76mb
The Jet Robot has two skills – Jet and Swing

How to jet:
Catch star to get power and jet automatically

How to swing:
Touch buildings to fix rope and touch again anywhere to fly

Game mode:
15s 30s 60s Free

Running performance:
set background details to improve running performance

How far you can go in each mode

Screen resolution support:
WVGA(854*480), WVGA(800*480), HVGA(480*320), WQVGA(432*240), WQVGA(400*240), QVGA(320*240), Tablets

1.Cloud City – Catch the red star you can fly to Cloud City.
2.UFO & Aircraft are racing with you.
3.More Challenges-15s 30s 60s Free. Spacing of buildings will be more and more far away in Free mode.

PS: To improve running performance you’d better to cut off all background process that not in use

Recent changes:
*recycle resources when exiting


*fix wont start bug on some devices
*support app2sd
*update ad

Content rating: Everyone
Whats New?
What's in this version:

*recycle resources when exiting


*fix wont start bug on some devices
*support app2sd
*update ad
Screen Shots
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Phoenix - Cool
September 29th, 2011
Heko - Classic

September 7th, 2011
Tina - Cute simple cool

September 7th, 2011
OneGuy - Cool game looks. But I couldn't stop thinking its not original concept, and I don't like that

September 6th, 2011
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