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Black Texas Poker
Rating:5.00 stars from 2 ratings
File Size:1.69mb
Black Texas Poker is unique game in that you play Texas Hold'em versus the "House." Black Texas Poker a is fun challenge for the poker professional, amateur, and rookie alike. With never before seen game-play features Black Texas Poker will benefit all skill levels.


*Play Hold'em versus the "House"
*3 Styles of Play
*Unique Rules
*Variable Payouts
*Statistics Tracking
*Adjustable Table Settings


*See 20 Hole Cards, 10x more than standard poker
*Develop Betting Strategies
*Recognize Outs Quicker
*Learn Starting Hand Values
*Never get Bluffed
*Always make it to the River

Black Texas Poker is easy to learn and fun to play. So shuffle up and deal.

Content rating: Medium Maturity
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Kimberly - Oh my! This is the most awesome poker game ever! The creators of this app must be real smarty pantses. Go black texas poker!! Wootwoot!

May 31st, 2011
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