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Minigolf Crazy Championship
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Welcome to the Crazy Minigolf Championship! The best minigolf players of all time have arrived through time and space and from the most surprising locations to compete in this fantastic tournament. One of the most respected inventors of all-time, Rufus Magnatus, has created the most unreal minigolf courses for this Crazy Minigolf Championship. Make your way through the extensive career mode and take on all your rivals on your way to becoming the champion!

• Choose between 4 wacky golfers to take on the Championship.
• You will receive random challenges from other golfers while playing. These help you raise money needed to unlock special abilities, powerups and other tournaments.

The world consists of 4 areas:

Score: Here you can check your progress, the achievements list and the total money you´ve earned in your career.

Tournament: Here is where you enter new tournaments or continue your last progess. There are a total of 4 tournaments which need to be unlocked and purchased to enter.

Training: Here is where you can prepare for tournaments and raise money as well. There are 5 total practice fields which need to be unlocked as well.

Shop: This is where you can purchase special abilities for your character which will give you a boost and some extra help in the toughest courses.

Content rating: Everyone
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