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Toddler Dinosaurs
Rating:5.00 stars from 2 ratings
File Size:1.98mb
Toddler Dinosaurs is the addicting interactive toddler dinosaur game that takes your kids back to a prehistoric Jurassic park! Boys and Girls alike will enjoy learning the names of different dinosaurs as they watch them race across the screen. Some of the dinos included are Triceratops, T-rex ( Tyrannosaurus Rex ), Spinosaurus, Raptor ( Velociraptor ), Pterodactyl, Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus. Your child will have a blast as they make bubbles appear in the Aquatic dino fish area, or hatch a baby dino in the sand. They can even try their hand at Pterosaur Roundup, where they use a net to catch a flying Pterosaur. This is the full and ad-free version of Toddler Dinosaurs.

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Content rating: Everyone
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Lori - Fun and educational
This is a great app for getting the kids ready to go to the museum, or for anyone who needs a break from the humdrum. My favorite is the hatching baby dinosaur!
March 20th, 2012
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