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Reckless Racing 2
Rating:4.06 stars from 6709 ratings
File Size:376.32mb
Strap down and prepare for the ride of your life... Reckless Racing is back with more!

Including a selection of 18 highly detailed cars, ranging from small dirt buggies to fast supercars, and 24 routes in a variety of flavors make this a racer for all tastes - both dirt and tarmac.

Compete in the Career mode to earn money for new cars and car upgrades. Have a quick race in the Arcade mode with 40 pre-defined challenges. Compete against your friends on the leaderboards in Single Event mode - including Race, Hot Lap and Elimination events.

Tune your car in the garage to match your driving style with a vast selection of parts and upgrades. Whether you are a reckless power slider or a slick race driver, make your car the way YOU want it.

* Probably the best power slides in the world
* Tune and tweak the performance, handling, tires, rims and colors of your cars
* Shader based game engine with normal maps, reflections, specularity, shadows, particles and more
* Online leaderboards with downloadable ghost cars
* Online multiplayer over the Internet
* 17 characters, including your favorites from Reckless Racing 1
* 5 control layouts with customizable button positions
* Optional assists, such as race lines, mini map, chase camera and more

Recent changes:
Accelerometer steering bug fix

Content rating: Everyone
Whats New?
What's in this version:

Accelerometer steering bug fix
Screen Shots
Facebook Android Market
A Google User - Good game untill it wipes all your progress

July 13th, 2014
A Google User - Good
My favorite game. Love it
July 12th, 2014
A Google User - freezes my phone,FIX it ASAP!
htc desire s stock 4.0.4
July 11th, 2014
A Google User - I love it
I<3 this game it is awesome
July 9th, 2014
A Google User - super fun
nice graphics, tight gameplay, good career mode, upgradeable cars. freezes occasionally on N5, but nothing too awful. highly recommended if you like your racing games DRIFTY.
July 1st, 2014
A Google User - Freezes phone.
Graphic issues, can't even see the text, just flickering. Huawei G615. [After issues] Been trying to contact polarbit via mail, and forum. No replies. Another star removed. [20130726] After a few months, my post at the forum was removed. THIS DEV IS SHlT!
June 22nd, 2014
A Google User - Bad
It good game but after a few hours it resets on me pls fix
June 18th, 2014
A Google User - This is a addicting game but it keeps starting over, and stealing my cars. I swear they should sell auto insurance on here so you can recover your lost cars....I would like to rate this game higher, but this is 5 the time the game started over on me :( please fix this error

June 18th, 2014
A Google User - 1st is better
Poor port from iOS
June 17th, 2014
A Google User - Grrrreat!
So, the first one was just a tease, THIS one is the real deal! I have this game on my PC through the Windows market and thought, why don't they have this version on Android? Now they do, and it works great! Love this game!
June 17th, 2014
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