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Penguin Palooza
Rating:4.14 stars from 7 ratings
File Size:24.17mb
Each year, the emperor penguin hikes across a hundred kilometers of freezing arctic wasteland to reach their ancient spawning grounds. Lately, however, the march of the penguins is increasingly obstructed by gaping chasms of open sea. Driven by insatiable avian lust, and in stark denial of their flightlessnes, the desperate penguins hurl themselves across the gaps, only to plummet into the icy sea. If nothing is done, the majestic penguin will soon go the way of the dodo...

Penguin Palooza is a physics-based puzzle game suitable for all ages and gamer types – from the casual to the hard-core. Its' beguilingly accessible gameplay mechanics veils a depth that will tax both your fleetness of finger and your strategic thinking, ensuring hours on hours of frantic fun.

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Content rating: Everyone
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Fredrik - Sweet!

January 22nd, 2012
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