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Assassin's Creed 2
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"Assassin's Creed 2" is the end of 2009 introduced a stand-alone 3D action adventure game, this made the "Assassin's Creed 2" mobile version. Continuation of the story generation game, players will be staggered ancient and modern virtual and the real world in the shuttle, the embodiment of the strength silent killer assassin in Renaissance Italy adventures.

As the game background changes, the game scenes from the medieval city into an artistic Italian towns, the game more colorful explosions also done several. Game background pattern becomes very beautiful. Whether the white dome of the church, the night cityscape, or the desolate countryside, all portrayed very realistic. Moreover, the distinction between near and far objects can also be felt in the game screen.
As a horizontal clearance action game, whether it is climbing, climb, hang, hook cable and other movements are smooth and consistent, coherent. As an assassin, covert equally important. In the game, players can hide in the treetops, trapdoor, flowers, or even a dancer behind, identify the timing and suddenly jumped, Jianguang flash, beheaded, was very enjoyable.

In the game mode, adds a glider flight projects in the aerial attack and evade the enemy, the game stronger. And super multi-level game, the game is also available a lot of scene elements, such as using the carriage, boats, carts filled with straw, etc. to dodge and attack the enemy, greatly increasing the game fun.

Game story longer, and has a rich collection of elements with puzzle elements, making the game time can be guaranteed. There are certain details of the characterization, coupled with the game more coherent way forward, fluency has greatly improved compared to its predecessor. As set in Renaissance Italy, so the game is more profound meaning. Like Assassin's Creed players do not miss!

Content rating: Everyone
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