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Munchkin Level Counter
Rating:4.13 stars from 297 ratings
File Size:14.06mb
An application for use with the Munchkin card game from Steve Jackson Games.

Now all you Android-using munchkins can get an unfair, yet completely legal, advantage when you play Munchkin or Munchkin Quest!

The Level Counter . . .

• shows your level (duh), with big, readable numbers and munchkiny cartoons.
• It rolls a six-sided die (and doesn't cheat).
• Its twin "Kill-O-Meter" dials let you keep track of your combat strengh AND the monster's.
• And best of all . . . once per game, you get a Boon . . . an in-game advantage to help you kill the monsters, steal the treasure, and stab your buddy. There are almost 150 different Boons, all illustrated by John Kovalic. The higher your level when you ask for your Boon, the better it's likely to be.
• And finally . . . when you reach the winning level, your phone plays a fanfare! Your friends will hate you . . .

Bonus features: counters for Chez Geek and SPANC (no Boons, though), and a very flexible interface for creating your own custom counters for other games.

This app is NOT a stand-alone game! It is a game aid for Munchkin, Munchkin Quest, or pretty much any other game where you need a counter.

For more information, visit . . . and for more about Munchkin, visit .

Designed by Steve Jackson / Art by John Kovalic / Original code by J. Kira Hamilton / Ported to Android by Jay Koutavas

Recent changes:
Whats new in version 1.0.2!

- Fixed Kill-O-Meter layout problem seen on certain devices.

Content rating: Low Maturity
Whats New?
What's in this version:

Whats new in version 1.0.2!

- Fixed Kill-O-Meter layout problem seen on certain devices.
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A Google User - Works great except for the custom counter
This app works great when using preset counters. It is only when creating a custom counter that it doesn't. Every time I create a custom counter it will crash when trying to select the numbers. I'm using an HTC one. Fix this and the app gets a 5
February 22nd, 2014
A Google User - Free ones are better.
What a waste of 5$
February 20th, 2014
A Google User - Its ok
Boons are cool, crashes every time I try and use the custome game option. Does what it's suppose to.
February 13th, 2014
A Google User - Amazing
I love the boons you can get, and using them at the least convenient time makes my friends go mad. To all the reviews saying "its rubbish only one player can use it" THAT IS THE POINT. The idea is that it gives the owner a completely unfair advantage and the abillity to easily track their level and strength. Make sure you know what something is meant to do BEFORE saying it sucks.
February 1st, 2014
A Google User - Love this game.
Happy to support creativity. App is cool too.
January 18th, 2014
A Google User - Only for one player
You can only keep track one one players stats and only one player can take advantage of boons. I doubt my friends will be excited about the fact that I can do all of this cool stuff and they get dice for level counters.
January 16th, 2014
A Google User - Simple. Elegant.

January 16th, 2014
A Google User - Great companion to card game
I love it and will continue using it jus wish it could update with newer editions of the game still works fine without that but it'd be nice.
January 16th, 2014
A Google User - Good overall, worth it
Custom counter is broken, crashes everytime after background selection .
January 10th, 2014
A Google User - God Mode!
Must have for any Munchkin game
January 6th, 2014
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