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Best Sex Positions
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Hot and fun sexual positions for both you and her, your moments in bed are never going to be the same again!

"'Best Sex Positions' rocked my and my boyfriend’s world! We never get out of ideas anymore. Every time we are reaching the climax we let this app decide what we should try, and darn it feels good! BEST SEX POSITIONS EVER!!!" – A. Webster

Ever ran out of ideas in bed or felt like routine was dominating your sex life?

Like almost every other couple, you did! That’s why this app is the one for you! It will help your creativity go one step further!

With “Best Sex Positions” you will never lack imagination in bed with your partner; everything you need is in this small app. Sex will never be the same anymore, and both you and your loved one will always want an Android device next to you when you are in bed! All you need to focus on is doing what you are told to (by the app, of course).

You will never lack imagination on bed.
• With sexual positions generated automatically.
• With an app that explains you what exactly should you do in bed.

Your life as a couple will be even more enjoyable.
• In bed, performing new and exciting sexual positions.
• In day-to-day, because having a healthy sex life is very important.

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