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First Time Sex Tips
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Find out what to do on that very first special night! First Time Sex Tips is the ultimate guide.

Confused about what you should do the first time you make love?

This whole ‘popping a cherry’ deal is neither simple, nor quantum physics. It’s just some basic rules sprinkled with a lot of imagination. Every new beginning is hard, in any area of life and this makes no exception. And trust me: NOBODY masters it the first time. But practice DOES make it better.

“I was really scared the first time, great advice! First Time Sex Tips does help.” – Barbara V.

Find out tips for your first night, the things none of your friends have ever told you.

These basic rules apply for your very first time as well as they do for other first times (changing partners, for example). In time, you will learn how to add cream, juice and spice to your woop-woop, but take it slow and have fun doing it.

See you on the Other Side

• Clothes are off, lights are dim, then you start getting nervous

• The mind goes blank and you kept thinking that you are going to screw this up

• When what they told you kept repeating in your head

The Worry

• There is so much awkwardness and it’s not getting any better

• Where and when to touch?

• The stains are the least of your worries

All your friends have done it. Some don’t even know you haven’t, some know and give you a warm ‘It will happen’ (and the worst of them will make not-so-funny jokes behind your back). So what? You think the 2012 Apocalypse will crawl behind your back and you’ll still be untouched? No worries. It will happen. Sex is such a wonderful, mysterious thing, and your time will come and you’ll see for yourself what it feels like and you will get to tell stories about your own defloration.

You must have a lot of questions about how your first time will be. Don’t worry, everybody has them. Should you unleash yourself or should you take it step by step? What can you do to make yourself feel safe? How much does it hurt? How much of it is pleasure? Does it look like in the movies? Will I know what to do? Is first time sex awkward? What exactly should I do? When is the right moment to start my sex life? Is it Okay to talk about it? How natural can I be? Are there consequences? It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, but good preparation for the moment helps release the tension. Do you feel nervous or awkward whenever there is a naked girl in front of you ready to be ravaged? I am telling you, it’s hard to get that amazingly hot sex your craving for right at the first time you lose your virginity, it is virtually impossible for a virgin to be an instant Kama Sutra guru and it is definitely hard to feel sexy when your mind is full of worries. Nobody was born all-knowing and you probably make no exception. Not even great porn stars mastered it the first time. Of course you have this certain level of being naughty or kinky with each other, but it is a lot different when you are doing it with your boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time. Porn movies are not real life, they are mere fantasies put on screen to feed our imagination. But they are not reality shows and they are surely not documentaries. Make yourself feel good the first time. Forget about everything else besides you and your partner. Seize the moment, but be careful about the responsibilities that come with it. Love, but use both your sense and your sensibility by avoiding STD and unwanted pregnancies. Learn, apply and then progress.

Download today and make things go smooth and clean on your first night.

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