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Funny pick up lines
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Expand your dating horizon.
Are you tired of being rejected before you even get the chance to have a conversation?
A good first impression is the key to successful dating. Most of the times, we have only one, brief chance, to prove our value and that can be stressful. Humor is the best way to overcome the uncomfortable feelings of the first approach. A funny pick up line breaks the ice and connects people to a more relaxed level, making communication smoother and easier.
“I love the make-out line! Even I laugh when I think about it!” –Henning W.
Release the tension of the first approach
• Carefully selected imaginative, hilarious lines for use in this app
• Wide range of funny pick up lines, fitting every mood and any personality
A switch of the wrist gets you in the phone list
• All you have to do is shake your phone, and you have the perfect line in no time.
• If the first pick up line doesn’t do the trick, the second one awaits just a tick further.

This app will improve your dating skills.
Being a man can sometimes be hard. You are expected to make the first move most of the time and that puts you in a vulnerable position. You have to find the right pick up line so that you don’t get rejected by the first minute. This app will help you pass through the difficult first words. It will provide you with ways to show your authenticity and diversity, without getting either boring, or too corny.
All the pick up lines are displayed in a short written, easy to remember way. They are so easy to imprint, that you won’t have to consult your phone every time you need a strong pick up line. All you have to do is enrich them with your own personal style and imagination and the cute girl you had eyed for such a long time now, will smile at you, at last!
The best pick up lines are waiting in this app for you to make them legendary! Advice is given on the way they should be used. Different types of women need different strategies of approaching. Cute, cheesy, corny, dirty, they are all in your dispose to make the best of them. Some of them should be accompanied by the right voice tone, or a corresponding face expression, to have the desired results. This app provides you with detailed directions for each individual line!
These lines are not just tools to improve you sex life. They may be the instruments that will get you close to the love of your dreams! Isn’t that what we all hope for? To find our significant other? With the help of this app, not only will you find her, but you will be able to give her the chance to realize that you are Mr Right. The one who can make her smile and laugh and feel desired, and why not…fall in love with.
A lot of men turn to their friends for pick up lines that are successful. Most of the time, they end up with common, over-used ideas, that women have heard over and over again. They lack the authenticity, the sensitivity and the charm required to approach a modern woman. For this app, a huge, world-wide data base has been researched and it is consisted by the best, funniest pick up lines.
This incredible app is not purposed to manipulate, or to welch a hot girl into your bed. Well, not unless she chooses to, of course. It is a medium of communication, a guide to opportunity. Opportunity to reveal the aspects of your personality that can attract a beautiful woman. You definitely have it. You just need a chance to show it.
Whether it’s for one night, or for a lifetime, these pick up lines will provide you with the base you need to step on, in order to start a conversation. Knowing you have them available at any given time, will steam up your confidence. Soon, you will find yourself attempting to meet women you only dared looking at, before.
Download the app now! Don’t wait too long! The girl of your dreams may be at the bar you are going tonight. Do you want to miss the opportunity? What if someone else grabs it first?
Download! You owe it to yourself for all the lonely nights you’ve lived…

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