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Gay Truth or Dare
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If you have a bunch of gay friends that you hang out with and you want to turn your nights a bit more spicy, then this adult game "Gay Truth or Dare" is the right one for you! You might be able to do stuff with your gay friends you never had a chance to do before!

COSTUMER REVIEW: “Gay Truth or Dare“ is awesome! Now I have an excuse to see my gay friends naked or doing stuff that I always dreamed of!” – Matt H.

EMOTIONAL QUESTION: Have a crush on one of your gay friends? Would you like to get to know them more intimately?
Of course you have, and of course you do! And that’s exactly why we have made this app, it's all about the game... But in reality it might turn into somerthing much more. ;)

FEATURES: It will provide you hours of fun and you will be able to interact sexually with them just like you always wanted. This app provides you with a set of Truth questions that will reveal the darkest sexual secret of your friends, and Dares that will satisfy you both emotionally and physically!

You will be able to see your gay friends naked.
• Using only your hand to shake your device.
• All for the sake of the game.

You will discover their darkest secrets.
• With amazing Truth questions.
• You will be revealed secrets that may even include you.

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Content rating: High Maturity
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