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Scary Pranks
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Choose a prey and match with your scary pranks—the excitement never ends!

“I loved the crawling darling, really so sexy!” - Matt H.

Still wondering how to get your way to have sex with someone you like with a better assurance to succeed?

Let the scary pranks help you out. Anyone scared will be too pre-occupied to think straight and refuse any help. Scary pranks are designed to have someone fall into your sexy trap. Your chance to take that person to bed with you is high enough when you start it with a prank. He or she would feel too sexy or too aroused to get mad.

It’s 2012 and the timid type of winning someone no longer tops the ways of getting your way to sex. Scary pranks can prove better results. So go with the trend and see your plans turn to reality. Think of something sexy to lure him or her to have sex with you.

There is a sure prank for that—one that will surely work for you. Download the app now and see how exciting pranks can be.

This app will give you an instant guide on what prank you can use for the situation at hand. Be ready for practically any situation. Don’t just melt with desire and stand in a corner like a pitiful child waiting to be noticed and granted the request. Take the initiative and get what you want. Sometimes, you have to be a brat to get what you want.

The pranks you find in this app are carefully put together taking into consideration guys who love exciting and sure ways to work their way to get someone hooked up. Different strokes for different folks—so there is sure to be a prank for your specific preference and the specific situation and even for whoever that prey is.

Take sex and romance to a higher level. With this app in your phone, you couldn’t separate it from your body. There is just so much excitement to miss. Subtly lure your prey by using pranks. Take advantage of the situation by using strategies that will make refusal the last option if not totally out of the options.

Mastering the pranks will be something you would more than love to do—you will be obsessed! Your object will either be too scared or too surprised to turn you down; perhaps even too turned on to get mad. Sweet success indeed.

Say goodbye to boredom. Turn dull moments into something totally sexy and very rewarding. Download this app and have fun each time. You need not harass anyone, just try to be playful. Who knows, you just might end up seriously hooked up with the one you really long to be with. Just pick a prank from the list and you just might be lucky to get more than one hot and awesome moment.

This app is one good way to bond with friends too. You will need them once in a while as your supportive accomplices to your pranks. This will strengthen friendships through thick and the thin line between being crazy and being naughty. Your friends will be more than willing to be there for you as you carry out your outrageously sexy plans.

Decide to change how romance will be for you, now! With just a few dollars, you’d get the best pranks ever listed to see you through tough situations. It’s no longer in the trend to be timid and wait patiently. If you can’t get your prey using gentle moves, use sexy pranks to win him or her.

Download this app and see for yourself exactly what it can do for you.

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