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Sexist Jokes
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Your friends will burst out in laughter when they will hear these jokes!

Have you always wanted to be the ‘funny one’ in your group ?

Laughter is good. It is good for you psychologically and physically. Laughter is one way to achieve a better life. With the economical crisis and the political instability all over the world, people need laughter now more than ever. Be the one who brings a smile on your friends’ faces!

This app will unleash an explosion of laughter with just one shake. If not, it will at least make you giggle. Share the joy with your friends and they will be eternally grateful for it. Be the one who brings the good mood and the party!

‘HAHAH, I can’t stop laughing. The one with the cake is genius!’- C. Bailey

With this app, you can’t be sad. Say goodbye to depression and sadness. Stress, money issues and the relationship problems will al just fade away. Shake it and start the fun! Win any woman’s heart with your funny jokes.

Adult jokes are among the funniest jokes. And we all know it: nothing says more ‘I’m intelligent’ than irony and sarcasm. And this is exactly what stands at the base of good jokes. American comedies may be funny, but this is more than having fun: it is acknowledging we’re all flawed and that’s exactly what makes us special.

Depression is a disease hard to control. Symptoms such as loosing the wish to live, the feeling of uselessness and deep sadness are among the most common depression symptoms. And with the crazy world out there, sometimes it is hard to find reasons to smile. But you can do it, you can overcome your problems to come out to the surface as a winner. Start with a good round of laughter and progress to changing your life. Build yourself the life you wish for. Attract all the good things in the Universe by leaving behind all anger and reasons to be upset.

These short funny jokes are the key to your social success. People like those who make them laugh and that’s a golden rule. Have you ever seen a grumpy person surrounded by a lot of people? We’re pretty sure you didn’t. And socializing with other people is a need you have to fulfill. Be a social butterfly and people will come to you as if you were a magician. Be the magician of laughter with one shake.

Do you want to know how to attract women? The secret to winning a woman’s heart is good sense of humor. An intelligent woman will know you are not a misogynistic pig if you tell her sexist jokes. Women are more beautiful when they’re smiling. For a good laughter, she will give you her heart on a plate. Love and cherish her smile, it is the key to a long term relationship.

A set of short funny jokes can make wonders with your social skills. Improve your ability to interact in society and break the ice with some sexy jokes. People will just want more and more of them. These social skills are sometimes more important than an Ivy League diploma. You know why? Because they are life skills and what life teaches us is pure gold. Good communication with the people you interact with (be it business or leisure time) is essential to achieving success. Leave behind social phobia and people will just love you for having made them laugh. Because laughter is priceless in a world that seems to have gone mad.

Download today and let the party, the laughing and the pretty women come to you!

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