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Extreme Sex
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Give and take pleasure; make your relationship more intimate and stronger.
Do you want to know how to be WILD in bed?
X-Rated movie stars always seem to do it perfectly: they have no flaws, no inhibitions; they are in great shape and sometimes, their twisting around looks almost painful. And you’re probably thinking to yourself ‘Nah, I could never do that. I am not good in bed…’ But the truth is that with a bit of practice, anyone can be a true animal who can satisfy their loved one’s desires. Even you, who think of yourself as clumsy and awkward.
‘These sex positions are absolutely mind-blowing! I Never knew there’s so much I could try in bed…’ –
This app is designed to enrich your sex life in ways you’ve never thought it was possible. Because, in the end, sex actually IS important in a love relationship. It makes the partners care for each other’s well-being, it is intimate and healthy, it feeds the fire between the two. Our bodies are built in such way that sex is one of our basic needs and it should no longer be a taboo, regardless of one’s preferences in the bedroom.
Each relationship should be built on three main pillars: love, friendship and compromise. Yes, the last part is as important as the first two, and it holds them together. It holds everything together and it should be applied in intimacy as well. Very frequently, people cheat on each other on the basis of not being fully satisfied from a sexual point of view. But when people care about each other, they know that caring for each other’s pleasure is essential. That’s why creativity in your sex life is so important: it makes you both show how much you care about each other.
Fairytales are faitytales, movies are movies. V.I.Ps and their sex life are fairytales and movies brought into the spotlight. No relationship follows the ‘prince-meets-princess’ pattern and they all require working with each other, regardless of the number of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, regardless of the fat bank accounts and regardless of how many autographs one has to sign / day. Even famous relationships have their issues: but the key is learning how to deal with them, how to move on and, even if it sounds trivial, how to make up in the bedroom in ways that are unforgettable.
We often hear that he/she is ‘REALLY GOOD in bed’. But what does this whole ‘being good in bed’ actually mean? Is it acrobacy, work-out? Is it a talent or a skill? This app is meant to spice up your sex life and prove you that the art of making love is not rocket science: just giving interest in each other’s enjoyment. In a matter of minutes, you’ll learn how to be absolutely wild in bed through a set of sexual poses that will bring salt, pepper and a taste of… basic instinct into your relationship.

Communication is the key to a satisfactory love life. One should tell his/her lover what he/she likes, one should ASK as well. One should be willing to try new things just for the sake of his/her love. One should be able to discuss and make compromise so that everybody is happy. And trust us, sexual frustrations expand into things that are so much worse and depressing and lead to nothing good. They should be avoided by giving and receiving constant ‘feedback’ from your loved one and by constantly searching for new, creative ways to make each other feel good.
What are you waiting for? The end of the world? A happier, more fulfilled self is right around the corner, waiting for you to embrace him/ her! Download this app today and reap ALL the benefits of a better, more tender and at the same time more instinctual, animalic sex life. You’ll feel like a million $ ! Download today!

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