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Sex Techniques
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You can be the master in the sack with Sex Techniques! Your guide into being a love making machine!

Bored? Curious? Want to add some much needed spice to your love life?

Sex Techniques will start the passion flowing and keep the ideas coming for as long as you can. Sex Techniques will end the search for bedroom skills and let you boldly venture where only the enlightened have been before. If you are looking to turn a forgotten spark into a roaring fire, to learn what everyone else is talking about or just refresh your curious mind, wait no longer!

“Bye bye boring missionary, Sex Techniques is super steamy!.” – A. Webster

Sex Techniques brings technology and lovemaking together in one beautifully packaged and easy to use app. You’ll be wondering how you ever had fun without it.

Boost your variety to keep the steam turned up high. There’s no need to stop if you want to see what else Sex Techniques has to offer. Simply give your phone a shake and Sex Techniques will provide you with a new position to try and leave the sizzling to you. Leave your hang-ups at the door. Let Sex Techniques choose the position for you and take the pressure off being creative. Put that energy into your thrusting and enjoy the ride and turn your sex sprint into a sex marathon. By varying your pace and intensity Sex Technique’s long list of positions will keep you entertained and keen to see what comes after the next shake!

The Glorious Reward

• That angle hits right on target

• A little friction can be mind blowing

• Get to know the deeper pleasure

That’s a Stretch!

• Oh that’s how you spread them apart

• The perfect way is to place it 80 degrees apart

• Can’t get that specific angle, try a chair!

When curiosity hits, there’s no stopping a cat from achieving enlightenment. Sometimes you wonder if real people have sex like they do in adult movies, you know, those sexy girls all raunchy and wild and kinky. Like they know every sex position in Kama Sutra and they want it dirty and naughty. Well, yes and no, some people are too shy to do that, for some it’s innate in them. And for the rest, they learn how to do it and discover the wonders of hot sex. I know you wish your boyfriend or girlfriend can be like that, it isn’t too hard to achieve, trust me.

Having the effort to be great in sex surely has its benefits, not only for you but also for your partner. You know how it is in sex movies or erotica books, all the steamy moaning and rustling and lots of kinky stuff, well, you can have that. And by getting a little in the zone with different sex positions, your partner will look at you like he or she has never seen you before, a shining, golden erotic sex god. Who hates being seen as sexy? Knowing you are good in bed will not only raise your self esteem, but it can also give you a lasting relationship, whether with a special friend or with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Exploration makes greatness.

There is something for everybody, there is no such thing as best sex positions, it all depends on the participants. Our bodies are all created differently so getting the ultimate pleasure cannot be achieved just by watching naked girls in adult movies or reading erotic novels. We all have our preferences, some sexy women like it in the back door, many girls don’t. Some men prefer their ladies on a dominant position, some guys like being dominated. Whatever your preferences are, the best you can do is explore each of the sex positions we provide, not only will you have a blast getting all kinky and down to play, you will find the right move, technique, sex positions that suit you and your lover best.

Raise your hand if you are a kangaroo, download Sex Techniques if you’re a person.

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