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Give stress a break. Hit it with laughter.

Would you like to lighten your spirit in the middle of a very difficult day?
This app will provide you with exceptional jokes to relax for a while during a hard-working day. You can easily use them in texting to your friends and make them wonder where you come up with such ideas.

“It’s exactly what I need in between meetings. I love it!” – Riku N.

A laughter per day, sends the doctor away.
• A wide range of witty, funny sms jokes are included in this app.
• Humor your boredom out of the building.

Smart phones, smart men
• Send funny text messages fast and with no trouble.
• Make your friends run and search to keep up with you.

We have come to a point that stress and anxiety have overwhelmed our life. The constant graving for success has turned us almost into machines that work 15 hours a day. We no longer work to live, but live to work. Relaxing is a concept we forget, at least until we return home in the evening. This app is created for this reason exactly. To reinstate some relaxing moments in the everyday struggle. It is consisted by short, memorable jokes aiming to bring humor back into your life. They are funny, they are imaginative and they can be yours in a few minutes.
Your friends will love you and hate you at the same time. They will love the funny sms you will send them and make them laugh. They will hate you because you will have so many successful jokes in your arsenal.
You can share funny text messages with your girlfriend, or your wife. Humor can be a basic factor for a strong relationship. Sharing a short joke, either in an intermission from work in the form of an sms, or in the evening, laughing together about it, builds stronger bonds between you and her. Relaxes the tension and the possibility of a quarrel, result of a difficult day, is diminished.
You can send a clever, hilarious sms to the girl you met on the previous night and impress her with your authentic sense of humor. It is a well-accepted diversion from common sms being sent the second day of a new acquaintance.
You can use many of these jokes at a meeting with a client, in order to break the initial ice and facilitate the following negotiations. A moment of mutual laughs can be far more valuable than hours of hard discussion.
You can even lend some of these funny jokes to your children. They will be eager to boast how their father has this app, with the coolest sms jokes ever! Their popularity among their friends and co-students will be increased in a blink of a… message.
This app would also make a wonderful present for a colleague, or a friend, or even a relative. Innovative, unique and amusing idea! An economical and yet priceless gift. And a beautiful evening, spent in exploring all the amazing, funny jokes inside!
The jokes in the app are formatted in a way that makes them easy to read and to remember. They are small and comprehensive. They cover a large variety of topics, from friendship and marriage jokes, to political and philosophical ones. Everything you desire, is handed to you by this app. With a small shake of the hand, you will forget for a while all the frustration and the worries which torment your mind.
It is by now scientifically proved that laughter lengthens life. People who choose to have fun whenever they have the opportunity, live longer and happier. They strengthen their emotional defends against problems and trouble which may appear in the future. Scientific experiments have also proven that people using jokes as a defense mechanism, also tend to get sick less than people who don’t. So, one funny joke can make a difference between a healthy, happy living and an ill, moody existence.
Download the app now! And if you see that your phone is missing, try your son’s room…

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