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Spin the Bottle Game
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Watch somebody get nude tonight with your super fun Spin the Bottle Game!

Are you curious about what your sexy friend’s body looks like naked?

Of course you are! Even thinking about the scenario makes me curious. But what if I tell you that there is a way to make those fantasies come true? Spin the Bottle Game may be just the right tool to get a little naughty action with you and your sexy pal.

“The dares are crazy! One turn of events and you could be lucky with a hot chick.” – Matt H.

Spin the Bottle Game gives you wild dares and questions that will turn the heat up, each truth or dare has three options, and as the game master you can manipulate what truth or dare you should use for the next victim.

With this app there will be no more excuses. With a simple motion you will be able to see the girl of your dreams naked... And that is, completely naked... Or you might even get to receive a passionate kiss from her... or them! All you need is a bottle and this app; spin the bottle, shake the device, and you will have three options to choose from to decide what the person the bottle indicated will have to do.

Get Naked!

• A bottle and an app, a combination for a nude party

• Some dares that would shock you, and your pants

• The perfect reason to go wild tonight

Are You Down to Get Dirty?

• Dares that are hot and sexy

• You will be able to even touch a naked body

• If they can do it, you can do it too

Sometimes, when we get invited to a party, we quickly imagine the wild things that may happen, you get all excited and pumped up, the cocktails, the sexy girls, the great music, the games, the sex! You formulate this crazy and naughty ideas in your head that when it comes to the party, you feel disappointed because it’s not like how you imagined. In your head you have these nude sexy girls partying, cocktails are flowing and you are the life of the party. Well, it doesn’t happen very often, usually it’s the typical booze and conversations, but what if I tell you that you can turn that around and make your party fantasies and party ideas come true?

Spin the Bottle game will not only turn you into the star of the party, it can also be a great tool to see your friends get naked and do some crazy and naughty stuff, now it’s not hard to do, before the images of that sexy girl’s naked body reside only in your imagination and Spin the Bottle Game can turn that into reality. There are wild and sexy dares that can do that for you. If you are looking for some casual sex in a party then our dares can build up the momentum by getting you all hot and steamy while in the nude, and while doing some pretty naughty things. All you need is a bottle and this wonderful app and you have the perfect recipe to make a boring party into a wild and crazy fun activity! Get the beer, lose the bartender, tonight we’re going to party hard!

Do you want to discover something interesting about your friend or that sexy lady over there? Yes, I’m talking about those sexy ladies that you can’t bring yourself to talk to. Invite them over; let them join your naughty little game. Get to know that sexy babe more with the amazing truth questions that will make her divulge all that hidden desires inside her kinky mind. The questions are beautifully formulated so that there will be no escape, even if he or she can choose from three options, no matter what she picks you will discover something crazy.

Watching and having sexual contact with your hot friend is now easier than ever! Download now!

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