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Toddler Memory Game - no ads!
Rating:3.40 stars from 40 ratings
File Size:629.03kb
A completely free memory game for babies and toddlers. No need to worry what kind of ads your toddler is going to see!
Now with four types of pictures, four board sizes, sound, and the ability to lock the buttons to make sure your toddler does not exit the game by accidentally pressing the touch button.

Recent changes:
- Added better Tablet UI support for large screens.
- Fixed the crash on some new tablets.

Content rating: Everyone
Whats New?
What's in this version:

- Added better Tablet UI support for large screens.
- Fixed the crash on some new tablets.
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Anna - My 20-months old loves it -
I personally find the sounds of rotating cards irritating, but my daughter loves the game and is very proud she can play it so well. Don't know how soon she will outgrow it though.
January 15th, 2012
Manish - Great
My 2 yr old loves it
January 11th, 2012
michelle - THANKS.
Thank you for no network connection. My 2 1/2 yr old loves it
January 2nd, 2012
Kimberly - Grandson loves it
6 yr old grandson is enthralled with this game. He gets a kick out of the sound effects. Gramma loves that there are no ads.
November 22nd, 2011
Nic - Good
My 2 yr old enjoys it
November 20th, 2011
Sabrina - Foreclose, never worked after several attempts.

October 16th, 2011
Xtien - It keeps force closing

August 30th, 2011
Joseph - My 2 year old loves this game. It has developed her memory.

August 26th, 2011
jess - Forecloses

July 24th, 2011
Morr - Works perfectly on HTC Desire S. The kids love it :-)

July 21st, 2011
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