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Zombie Race Motorcross game
Rating:3.68 stars from 164 ratings
File Size:7.83mb
Do you love zombie games and do you love to ride a motorcross bike then zombie race motorcross might be the right bike game for you. In this easy to play zombie game, your goal Is to get the stupid zombie to the other side of the level. Remember zombies aren’t the most smartest drivers on the Highway. Before this zombie can enjoy his ( in zombie city, he has to drive his motorcycle trough the different levels with of course different obstacles that only a brainless zombie dares to take, so see if your zombie rider has some racing skills. We hope you will enjoy this simple motocross race game.

Can you help this stupid zombie get back to his fellow zombies, you don’t have too run just drive your crossmotor trough the fun and challenging race game levels without losing control over the bike. And if you think you can handle the zombie on the bike try to do some creasy bike stunts without losing your brains or arms. You can do front flips and backflips to collect more points before the level ends. It doesn’t matter if you are a zombie game lover or a bike racing game enthusiast you will definitely enjoy the simple race game that zombie race motorcross can be.

Be careful that you don’t crash your motorbike!
• Addicting gameplay
• Simple and effective controls
• Fun for everyone

• Use the arrows to drive your motor

Good luck and have fun motocross Fans!

Keywords: Zombie, Zombie game, Stupid zombie, Ultimate Motocross, Motor, Motorcycle Race, Moto X, Motorbike, MotoBike, Motocycle, Motocross, Motorsport. cycle, racing, action, offroad, trials, physics, rider

Content rating: Everyone
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A Google User - good
July 22nd, 2013
A Google User - B-)
Gunna see how this works
July 17th, 2013
A Google User - Awsome want to start a club

July 10th, 2013
A Google User - Cool game

July 8th, 2013
A Google User - It
July 4th, 2013
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