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Pocket Speedos Light
Rating:3.50 stars from 12 ratings
File Size:21.00mb
Welcome to the virtual world of motorsports ....

Pocket Speedos is a 2D racing game simulation, and allows you to prove your skill as a race driver. The very complex application provides you with various levels of difficulty with which to prove your skills.

In the integrated career mode shop, tune your car’s handling characteristics, such as: tires, motor, NOS, and turbo tuning, and secure your position against your opponent.

* Career Mode
* 15 different vehicles
* 23 different racetracks
* 4 different race types
* 3 different racing soils (sand, snow, asphalt)
* Own physics engine
* Tune your car with special improvements or upgrades through race progress
* Control via touch screen or Accelerometer
* 5 localization languages

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Content rating: Everyone
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