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HellFire TD
Rating:5.00 stars from 6 ratings
File Size:5.68mb
Deep in the hell,a fire breaks out and there's no way to hide from the hell fire.It's the fire of hatred from our enemy.They want to burn everything down with the hellfire. A troop was also sent out to attack us. It's time to put out the hellfire and safeguard our land now. We have many kinds of weapons and if they are used correctly,those enemies could be killed in no time.Problem is,how? You have the last say.
HellFire TD is a funny tower defense game which is popular on both android and ios. Use the skills you learned to take down those attacking enemies with limited weapons.HellFire TD is a tower defense game that you can play while you are taking buses,taking subway,if having a rest. It's the best time killer app you won't miss.

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