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NESEmulator is NES&FC emulator
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NESEmulator is Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) or Family Computer(FC or Famicom) emulator for android platform.

It supports most of NES or FC games.
It can play .nes , .rom and .zip(zipped .nes and .rom) files.

It has not any .nes games, Please download NES or FC games from network or other storage device.

Mainly features:

1. Support most of NES or FC games in full speed;
2. Save and load the playing game progress information freely;
3. Support virtual keyboard and trackball;
4. Support custom keyboard and shortcut setting when your phone has hardware keyboard;
5. Support Wiimote, please set Wiimote controller by "key map settings" firstly;
6. Use file explore to open game file conveniently;
7. Add and delete cheats;
8. Use screenshot to record the classical rate of progress;
9. User can change opeation by right hand or by left;
10. Integate the ROM Gripper to easy download NES or FC games.

If you want to update this application, please uninstall firstly then install it again.

Please give me the 5 stars if you like it, if meet any troubles, please don't give me less than 5 stars, you can connect us or cancel this order. we think highly of your assessment. thanks.
If you meet any problems, please send email to us( ASAP.

Recent changes:
V1.0 base version.

Content rating: Everyone
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V1.0 base version.
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