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Navy Fighter IQ Game
Rating:3.52 stars from 21 ratings
File Size:865.24kb
Asqare Game Classic Edition

is a very easy and fun game. The game Rule:Try to link up the same cartoon icon where locate at the same straight line. not only it can bring you lots of fun but it could train your reactivity ability. that's why the game is so popular and hot!!

When the game begins, try to find the same little cube as quick as you can, if it's on the same straight line, then you can link it, let's see who will be the winner. dont worry, the game rule is so easy, furthermore, you can enjoy the relaxed music, and very cute pics,especially for some girls' favourites. Herewith the beautiful backgrounds, cool music sound,all for your experience the game, you will find it is really interesting and challenge.

--Primary Rule--
Touch the little cube, try to find the same cube which you can link them by straight line, but it should less then 3 pieces of line, then the link cubes will blow up, like "bang", disappear.

--Play Rule--
First to touch a chess piece, the one will change its color, then touch another chess piece with the same image, if both piece can make a sraight line, then you win,if not,then you can give up the first picked one to choose the other chess pieces.

--Win or Lose--
If you can find all of the chess pieces' link, to link up them, it means you WIN!
Of course the time is limit, if you couldn't find the same pair of chess piece's link to delete them, when the time is up, then you LOSE, and dont give up before the game over, or you definitely lose the game.

Content rating: Everyone
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Ken - If the poor english & poor picture don't scare U away, the lack of instructions in the app, the small thumbnail pics, & no music will make U uninstall

June 10th, 2011
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