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Sudoku For Kids (Scooby)
Rating:4.00 stars from 4 ratings
File Size:1.41mb
Sudoku for Kids (Scooby) is a Sudoku which has been developed specially for children.
Thanks to the great concept of the game, Sudoku helps to improve the logical thinking of children and so aiding their logical & mental development.

The Rules are the same as the original Sudoku.

The differences are:
1.) The table is smaller. 4x4 instead of 9x9.
2.) Scooby pictures appears instead of numbers

Rule 1: Scooby pictures can appear only once on each row:
Rule 2: Scooby pictures can appear only once on each column
Rule 3: Scooby pictures can appear only once on each region

How to play:
- fill an empty cell: choose one empty cell, after that choose one of the Scooby pictures;
- delete cell: long click (is applicable if the Scooby pictures would not be generated) over the Scooby pictures

Tags: Sudoku, Sodoko, challenge, fun, logic, jigsaw, suduko, sudoko, soduko, su doku, soduku, suduku, sodoku, game, brain, puzzle, Scooby, scooby, Scooby Doo, Scooby-Doo, scooby doo, scooby-doo, kid, kids
Cloud tags: Dora, Diego, dora, dora the explorer, go diego, go diego go, Angry Bird, The Heist, nano panda, evernote

Content rating: Everyone
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Jenny - Good game but ads for "sexy singles" on a children's game? Uninstall until age appropriate ads.

January 16th, 2012
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