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You operate MY CAR by a controller, looking at CAR NAVIGATION,
and you pass through a CHECKPOINT so that it may not hit an ENEMY CARS and BOMBS.
If its car passes through all the CHECKPOINTS, a GOAL FLAG will come out.
When MY CAR passes along a GOAL FLAG, it finished 1 stage.
It is game over when all MY CARS are lost.

Although MY CAR moves automatically, if you tap the arrow button continuously, MY CAR will move quickly more for that.

The regular version can carry out 20 stages in all.
The DEMO version can carry out 5 stages.

A LEVEL, the number of MY CARS, the number of ENEMY CARS, the number of CHECKPOINTS,
the number of BOMBS, and ON/OF of VIVRATOR can be set up.

If you press the back key of a smart phone, it will return from a setting screen to a title screen.

You can do various methods of play by changing SETTINGS.
(1) You set up LEVEL 5, MY CARS 1, ENEMY CARS 1,CHECK POINTS 1 and BOMS 1, and you play the game.
Probably, it will also be difficult for you to finish the 5 STAGES because the speed is very quick.

(2) Make LEVEL low, increase ENEMY CARS, FLAGS, and BOMS, and you play the game.

(3) When you set up STAGES by "RONDOM STAGES", since you do not know to be able to play by which STAGE next, you are interesting.

A push on the [CLEAR THE HI-SCORE] button of a title screen will clear the HI-SCORE.

I have uploaded to YouTube the movie which is actually playing the game.

Recent changes:
It is able to set up the MY CARS of the DEMO version.

Content rating: Everyone
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It is able to set up the MY CARS of the DEMO version.
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