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Magic 9 Ball
Rating:4.40 stars from 15 ratings
File Size:708.86kb
Magic 9 Ball

Have you got an important question? That girl was looking me? I'll pass tomorrow exam? The Magic 9 Ball will answer you! Speak aloud the question you want to be answered and touch the Magic 9 Ball. It will provide you the answer! Have fun with your friends, put them in embarrassment with private questions and read Magic 9 Ball's response! A social and fun app for having some little moment of joy...

A few examples:
"Is the hand printed on my friends' T-shirt back an invite to slap him strongly?" "Of course!", said the Magic 9 Ball!

"Have I any chance to have a date with her?"
"Try again, you'll be luckier!"

And much more!!!

Content rating: Low Maturity
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Sajen - Shake
How do u shake it
January 13th, 2012
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