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Italian Kart 2012
Rating:3.92 stars from 13 ratings
File Size:9.07mb
With this game you can enjoy a breathtaking race go-kart-style football!
The game consists in having to overcome the tracks traversed by the various characters up to the podium.
To move your go kart (located below) you must use the accelerometer of your device. Tilt down the phone and see your go kart go forward. Collect all the coins on the street to increase your score, with bonus green will add new life, but with the bonus you'll get a red automatic promotion to the next level.
It is not easy to arrive at their destination: the walls of tires and vehicles in transit will hinder you continually persorso.
Each incident will lose a life, lost all the game will end. Plus you get only 30 seconds to finish the level.

Great fun!

Content rating: Everyone
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