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Aircraft War Game - Zwar
Rating:3.38 stars from 158 ratings
File Size:1.68mb
Warplanes game where you have to go moving your plane by tilting the phone to both the right and left and forward and backward.

In this game you have to go beyond levels while eliminating the planes adversaries. This prepares your artillery, performed flight maneuvers that create convenient and do not hesitate to get ready to fly over enemy territory different areas.

You can travel with your plane through various terrestrial landscapes, gardens, deserts, flying over the sea and many terrain through different levels of difficulty.

For your aerial adventure in this fighter game, you have lives, ammo and your own fighter ready for combat to play this air strike.

Although this game free warplanes is created for all audiences, so we classify as a game for children aircraft as we expect also to the liking of the young.

Cut the paper planes and dive into this environment warplanes. Do not let them tell you, download the game yourself and others comentarĂ¡s we already missed us by adding aircraft as passenger planes, fire aircraft, commercial aircraft, rescue planes, helicopters, tanks, etc..

Recent changes:
Game Launch War and Combat Aircraft - Zwar v.1.0

Content rating: Everyone
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Game Launch War and Combat Aircraft - Zwar v.1.0
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